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Solinc East Africa LTD,
P.O. Box 1158 - 20117
Naivasha, Kenya

Solar Projects


We bring almost ten years of experience in Solar and Solar Manufacturing to our clients. Our aim is to work with you on solar projects.

What we do?

  • Grid Tie Solar Systems
  • Off Grid Solar Systems
  • Solar Water pumping and Borehole Solarization.
  • Solar Panel Testing and Installation Maintenance

Out team of T3 technicians make up our EPC contracting service, where we will design, procure, and construct for you the Solar requirement at hand. We will continue this service with maintenance using our team on the ground ready to assist whenever the need arises.

What makes us different?

Benefiting from years of Solar production, Solinc is the only company on the continent with machinery that can test the quality of solar cells, and guarantee panel outputs; protecting your investment from substandard products being used.


Subject to the size of the requirement we can help you identify the right partner for financing, using PPA’s (Power purchase agreements), Leasing, or straight project loans.

The Aim:

Reduce power costs with short ROI of 2-5yrs, whilst simultaneously dropping the carbon footprint.

How to start?

Visit us at our training and distribution center in Naivasha, next to Buffalo Mall, or contact info@solinc.co.ke