Vertex Backsheet Monocrystalline module 510W

  • 510 W maximum power output
  • 0~+5W positive power tolerance
  • 21.2% maximum efficiency
  • Monocrystalline solar cells
  • Has 150 cells

Monocrystalline module with a maximum power output of 510W, positive tolerance of 0~+5W and a module efficiency of 21.2% with high density interconnect technology.

Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream systems components and has a higher return on investment.

Resistant to harsh environments such as salty, ammonia, sand, high temperature, and high humidity areas and has ensured PID resistance through cell process and material control.

Minimized micro-cracks with innovative non-destructive cutting technology and the panel’s unique design provide optimized energy production under inter-row shading conditions.