The Tallmax Framed 144 Layout Module 440 – 465W

  • 465 W maximum power output
  • 0~+5W positive power tolerance
  • 21.3% maximum efficiency
  • Monocrystalline solar cells
  • Has 144 cells
  • White back sheet

440-465W Power Output Range

21.3% Maximum Efficiency 

0~+ 5W Positive Power Tolerance

Monocrystalline module with up to 465W front power, maximum efficiency of 21.3%, and a positive power tolerance of 0~+5W.

Resistant to salt, acid, and ammonia and is more efficient with half-cut and multi-busbar technology hence bringing more BOS savings. The lower resistance of half-cut and good reflection effect of multi- busbar technology ensures high power.

The panel’s unique design provides optimized energy production under inter-row shading conditions. Also, the panel has excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) and low irradiation performance that has been validated by 3rd party certifications.

Ensured PID resistance through cell process and module material control.