iSite Power-M

  • Rated capacity, 6kVA/5 kWh per battery module
  • Input voltage, 100V DC – 435 V DC
  • Maximum input capacity of the MPPT, 5.5KWp
  • Single-phase 200/208/220/230/240 VAC, 220 V AC by default input voltage system
  • Can be wall or ground-mounted
  • IP65 degree of protection

iSitePower-M is a small-scale hybrid power solution. It integrates power supply, backup power, and management. It is widely used in off-grid and unreliable grid areas and provides reliable and stable backup power for residences, apartments, shops, and emergency scenarios.

iSitePower-M features a high-density design, small size, lightweight, and IP65 protection level. It can be installed indoors, or on outdoors.